Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth Smart Audio Sunglasses. Wireless Headphones. Built-In Mic


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  • Lens width: 54 millimeters
  • OPEN-EAR FOR INCREASING SAFETY- Headphones can be dangerous outdoor because they can limit your awareness. These smart glasses change your outdoor routine: enjoy music without losing track of what’s going around you or use the voice assistant for sending texts.
  • Polarized
  • 8 HOURS BATTERY TIME- Lucyd Lyte glasses are powerful enough to don’t let you down along your day. The audio quality is crystal clear; enjoy your favorite music and your hands-free calls with the noise-canceling mic!
  • Plastic frame
  • Imported
  • Acetate lens
  • TOUCH CONTROL INTEGRATED INTO SIDEPIECES- Easy to use; there are only two buttons located in the front part of the arms. You can reach them naturally to start a call, pause music, change a song, control your volume. Connect your glasses to your laptop, smartwatch, cellphone, console, and make the most of your experience!
  • UV PROTECTION & POLARIZED- Your eyes will be safe, and you’ll look cool with our ultimate designs. They feel light and comfortable. They are excellent for isolating yourself from other noises if you work at home.
  • LET’S TAKE Sunglasses TO A NEW LEVEL- We have a wide variety of actual designs for men and women. Don’t worry about your diopters; our frames support a wide range of prescriptions.

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Lucyd is a community-owned business with a purpose

Created in 2017 to offer you connectivity integrated in the best vision with an affordable price. Our commitment is to improve the vision of people all over the world. For every Lucyd Lyte sold, we donate an optical frame to New Eyes Charity.

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Lucyd Lyte Premium Features

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Meet Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth Smart Eyewear

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How do they charge?

The Lyte uses a USB magnetic charger that easily clips onto the frame. Each unit also includes a wall adapter.

Do your glasses use bone conduction or a speaker?

No, it is not bone conduction, it is directional audio. We have experimented with bone conduction and found that due to the frame vibration and low max volume, we switched to standard audio.

What is the Ip or waterproof rating of Lucyd Lyte?

Lyte is rated IP56–splashproof. It’s fine with rain or sweat, but don’t let them get submerged.

Can people around me hear the glasses?

Because of the open-ear audio style of the frames, there is some sound leakage that can be noticeable at medium-high volumes in quiet environments. It is similar to when someone is listening to headphones loudly next to you.

How is Lucyd involved in the community?

Lucyd donates a high quality pair of glasses or sunglasses for every Lyte sold at retail. Lucyd works with the Miami Rescue Mission to bring sunglasses to South Florida’s disadvantaged population, and with other charities like New-Eyes for the Needy

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